Big or Small,
We Haul It All!

Precision Heavy Haul, Inc. offers the best and safest heavy haul and rigging in the west. We specialize in transporting oversize, overweight and difficult loads. Our years of experience and engineering expertise allow us to meet your unique needs. We employ quality personnel and provide impressive, state-of-art equipment.

We are dedicated to providing our customers with timely, helpful service at competitive prices. We treat your equipment like it was our own. Our diversified fleet can meet the challenges of most any shipment. If we don’t have the right trailer, we’ll build one to fit your specific needs.

We have built our business on word of mouth and would love to become your trusted business partner.

Mission Statement

Our Mission is commitment to excellence in the heavy haul and rigging industry. We go above and beyond in helping our customers achieve a successful move! Big or small, we haul it all!

Our reputation is our customer’s guarantee.

The Ten Commandments of Teamwork That We Follow

  1. The Team must have purpose
  2. The visualization of Team purpose must be held by all Team members
  3. You must commit to Team purpose
  4. You must know and accept your role within the Team
  5. Trust the Team, as you trust yourself
  1. Communicate
  2. When an issue arises, look first at how you may be contributing to it
  3. Never blame
  4. Always select the solution that best contributes to the Team purpose
  5. Remember: a Team’s strength is in it’s diversity of knowledge, experience and personalities
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Our Story

Mike's first truck 46

Mike Poppe, an Arizona native, grew up around the trucking industry. He made his first heavy haul move as a teen, and worked as an owner operator in the early years of his career. In 1984, at the age of 24, Mike made the decision to establish his own company. He purchased a 1967 Kenworth a 60-ton lowboy with booster axle, and Precision Heavy Haul, Inc. was born.

Precision Heavy Haul’s first customers were from the construction industry hauling earth moving equipment. His reputation for quality work and on time delivery quickly spread throughout the industry. With the increase in workload came the need for expansion, both in personnel and equipment. In 1986, Mike designed and had built the first trailer to legally move Caterpillar’s 245 excavators without the costs and delays of partial disassembly.

The company has continued to grow and become more diversified, largely due to the fact that Mike has been able to find a nitch in meeting specialized equipment demands that other local companies do not offer.

Being the biggest company has never been a goal, but having the right people in place to make Precision the safest and one of the best heavy haulers, has always been a priority. Precision Heavy Haul, Inc. will continue to emphasize our philosophy … “Commitment to Excellence”, which has proven to be the foundation for the customer service we provide. Pride and dedication has allowed PHH to be involved in many well-known projects and the recipient of numerous awards, such as SCRA Hauling Job of the Year two consecutive years.

Over the last 40 years, Precision hasn’t wavered from what it was built on, the fleet has grown to 17 tractors and 150+ trailer combinations, which not only accommodates the specialty field but also the everyday loads. Precision has proven its expertise in every phase of the heavy haul and rigging industry by going above and beyond! Our diversified fleet and creative engineering can meet the challenges of almost any shipment; we offer the finest and safest service in the Southwest.

Mike's First Truck 1967 Kenworth Hauling a CAT 245 Excavator

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For over 40 years, Precision Heavy Haul has been here to serve your needs. “Big or small, we haul it all.”