Driver Application

Driver's Application for Employment

This application is intended to comply with FMCSR 391.12 for commercial truck drivers. All applicants must meet minimum requirements for truck drivers per these regulations. In compliance with Federal and State equal employment opportunity laws, qualified applicants are considered for all positions without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, marital status, or non-job related disability.

AMERICANS WITH DISABILITIES ACT NOTICE: All applicants are evaluated on their ability to perform job-related functions. Please do not include any information on this application which may indicate you have a disability. If you are selected for an employment interview, please be prepared to describe and/or demonstrate how, with or without reasonable accommodations, you will perform the job related functions. Also, please inform the Employment Office Staff if you need any reasonable accommodation to take any pre-employment tests.

Position applied for: CDL TRUCK DRIVER

If you have not lived at this address for the last 3 years, please list all residences for the past 3 years.
Pre-Employment Questionnaire

For the types of trailer(s) listed below write in all makes and models & capacity that you have pulled:

List all makes & model of the equipment you have transported below:
All driver applicants to drive in interstate commerce must provide the following information on all employers during the preceding 3 years. Applicants to drive a commercial motor vehicle intrastate or interstate commerce shall also provide an additional 7 years information on those employers for whom the applicant operated such vehicle. NOTE: List employers in reverse order starting with the most recent. Add another sheet if necessary. PLEASE fill out completely and accurately with ALL information and no missing dates in employment! Give a COMPLETE RECORD of all employment for the past three (3) years, including any unemployment or self-employment periods, and all commercial driving experience for the past ten (10) years.

1. Employer
2. Employer
3. Employer
Education History