2002 NEWS

New Pedestrian Bridge

On the weekend of April 19th-22nd, the new pedestrian bridge at College Avenue will be set in place over US Route 60. The new structure will be lifted by 500 ton crane and placed in the concrete bridge turrets on either side of freeway, about 200 feet east of the existing pedestrian bridge

Superstition in Tempe

The short and simple of it: avoid U.S Route 60 (the Superstiton freeway) in the Tempe this weekend. Starting at 9 p.m today the Arizona Department of Transportation is shutting the freeway down between Mill Avenue and Rural Road mainly because a new pedestrian bridge is being installed over the freeway at College Avenue.


The so-called LBT project (Large Binocular Telescope) is located in the National Forest of Coronado, approximately 75 miles of east of Tucson,high above the above the desert of southeastern Arizona.

Kenworth Calendar

Kenworth Calendar 2002

LBT Observatory

LBT Observatory 2002